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Mindfulness classes

Mindfulness, as we teach it, is not meditation-based, but experiential awareness instead. 

The meetings include instructions, connection, driven activities/games, practice and sharing results, and practical exercises for daily life.

This type of experience enhances and accelerates the therapeutic process.


Pre-engagement & Pre-marriage courses

Marriage, or the modern equivalent of it, is one of the milestones of life, and yet, nobody prepares for it. 

These meetings can be individual or in group and include didactic, experiential, and interactive communication to enhance connection and understanding of what the commitment includes and implies. Even before "moving together" it'd be useful to set the foundation of the experience.


Relationship Struggles

These groups explore relationships with our loved ones, those who have hurt us, and those we would like to love. They also examine the relationship we have with ourselves. 

The meetings include interactive presentations and group activities.

This is a great complement to traditional therapy sessions.



On-site Training is a flexible and cost-effective option for corporations since it allows to train as many or as few employees as needed—from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

Without extra expenses, you can benefit from programs that are delivered when and where you want them—at your offices or at a location of your choice.

Our programs will make your groups more coherent and happy, and you'll notice an increase in productivity and performance.

Our trainings for your team include:

  • Mindfulness and awarefulness for productivity

  • Conviviality at work

  • Corporate Empathy

  • Pliant Communication skills



Professionals currently working in the field of mental health or those working in organizations where mental health issues are prevalent are always in need of professional development and are currently demanded by the NYS Department of Education to demonstrate it. This includes those with backgrounds in nursing, social work, occupational therapy and other allied health fields, psychology, and psychiatry.

We offer on-site actualization training on:

  • Attachment

  • Trauma

  • Mind/body approaches

  • Clinical Mindfulness and Awarefulness

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