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Traumatization & Its Aftermath
A Systemic Approach to Understanding & Treating Trauma Disorders


Antonieta Contreras, and expert in trauma studies, offers practical and comprehensive answers about trauma in her book, Traumatization and its Aftermath (Routledge, 2023).


You'll gain valuable insights into the diversity and lasting impact of traumatization. Why some people don't heal as easily as others, why some individuals get traumatized from "seemingly insignificant" incidents, and why over-diagnosis has failed so many people. You’ll find out whether you’re traumatized or not, if it’s possible to heal from a trauma disorder, and how best to treat complex trauma.


This book guides readers through each element of the individual struggle for survival and offers compassionate and patient explanations on how to shorten this struggle and even prevent it. Packed with detailed resources and accessible storytelling, Traumatization and its Aftermath is a must-read for clinicians and non-clinicians looking to better understand the mind and body after a traumatic situation, and our natural ability to heal.

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